Criminal Justice Program

WBC’s Online Criminal Justice Program

The Division of Graduate and Online Programs offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice for qualified students.  The online B.S. in Criminal Justice is designed as a degree completion for students already possessing an associate’s degree, or possessing qualifying transfer semester credit hours matching the general education requirements of the degree plan.  Note: Required Bible classes are offered online, by Williams, as part of this degree plan.

Schedule Your Own Study & Assignment Time

This program was developed with the objective of meeting the need for quality instruction being given to those professionals already in their career fields, or those who have a strong interest in a career in criminal justice.  Keeping this objective in mind, this program is being offered exclusively online in an effort to clear roadblocks in the paths of those professionals already working in their chosen career field.  Offering the program online gives the student flexibility to complete coursework, regardless of his or her own personal work schedule.

Courses in 8-Week Blocks

The design of this program allows a non-traditional, working student the ability to attend college and finish in the same time a traditional full-time student would.  The length of each course is only 8 weeks, with a student recommended to take only two courses at a time.  Each traditional fall and spring semester is divided into two (2) 8-week terms, with an additional 8-week term in the summer.  By dividing a traditional semester into two (2) 8-week terms, a student taking two classes at a time still qualifies as a full-time student, an important consideration when applying for Federal Financial Aid.

NOTE: Because of the course content, accelerated delivery of course material, and experiential learning requirements of this degree plan, the online B.S. in Criminal Justice is limited to those students already employed in the field of criminal justice.  Those who are not currently employed in the field, but wish to apply, must meet other requirements before being considered for acceptance to the program.


The Williams Criminal Justice online program is VERY competitive in costs and VERY high in quality!

  • Tuition for the online B.S. in Criminal Justice program is $350 per credit hour. There are no additional fees for classes.  This is an important consideration when examining the cost of other programs.
  • No books to buy. Text books can easily cost a full-time student an extra $1,000 each semester. For the online B.S. in Criminal Justice Program, eBooks are included with the tuition.
  • A student may earn up to 15 semester hours of credit based on qualified professional training and education, and an additional 15 semester hours of credit based on professional experience.  Note: Students must complete a Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio to apply for experiential credit.  For more information please contact the Criminal Justice Program Director


  • Associate’s degree, or a minimum of the 45 semester hours in general education courses as described in the degree plan, from an accredited institution. A student who has 39 semester hours in the listed general education courses, but lacks the 6 semester hours of Bible courses, is eligible to apply.
  • 2.0 Cumulative GPA.
  • Minimum age of 18.
  • Current employment in the field of Criminal Justice (e.g. law enforcement, corrections, community corrections, court personnel, paralegal, some private security positions, or similarly related fields.), or proof of a minimum of one (1) year past experience in the field.
  • Students not meeting the above requirements are encouraged to apply. Applications for admission into the online B.S. in Criminal Justice program are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and the student may be admitted under condition or probation, but will have restrictions placed on their enrollment.  Any student who is not currently employed in the field must submit: 1) A written letter, of not less than 300 words, stating why the applicant wants to enroll in the program and the applicant’s future career plan, 2) Three (3) letters of reference, and 3) Be willing to take part in an optional personal interview, at the request of the Program Director or College Administration.

Criminal Justice Degree Plan

Feel free to contact Brian Luetschwager, Director of Criminal Justice, with any questions about this degree program.
(870) 759-4241